January 19, 2020

Upcoming Events– 2019- 2021

2019 Events

May 27th Memorial Day event at the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery

May 27th  Melbourne Memorial Day Parade

May 27th Memorial Day Ceremony at Liberty Bell Museum

June 14th Flag Day, Honor Flags display Ryckman House Melbourne Beach

June 26th- July 1st Constitutional Convention Washington DC

July 4th  Melbourne Parade downtown Melbourne

August 26th Women’s Equality Day- fly your flag

September 2nd Labor Day-fly your flag

September 3rd American Revolution ended-fly your flag

September 11th Patriots Day and 9-11 Day of Remembrance-fly your flag

*September 17th-23rd  Constitution Week celebrations

September 19th-22nd  FSSDAR Fall Forum Orlando FL

*October 12th, First meeting Dawn Smith Women’s Issues celebrating 100 years since Women’s Suffrage

October 13th Columbus Day-fly your flag

November 9th Chapter meeting Maggie Steucik 9-11

November 11th Veterans Day

November 11th Veterans Day Parade downtown Melbourne 10 am

December 7th Pearl Harbor Day-fly your flag

December 7th Melbourne Beach Children’s Christmas Parade

December 14th, Chapter Meeting Project Patriot, Christmas Party, Quilt drawing

*Day of Service-Planting around Ryckman House

*Constitution Week-Proclamation, Ring the Bells

2020 Events

January 1st New Years Day-fly your flag

January 11th, Chapter Meeting Florida State Historian Shirley Hoerle celebrating our 8th year & Re-dedication of Historical Marker at Ryckman House

February 8th, Chapter Meeting Shirley Jaffe State Chairman Insignia & Protocol

February 17th Presidents Day- fly your flag

March 14th, Chapter meeting: School essay, poster, & poem winners

March 19th-22nd FSSDAR State Conference Orlando

April 11th, Chapter Meeting Bonnie Charles Bee-Keeping-Conservation Plant Trees at Ryckman House

April 12th-23nd Annual All Veterans moving Vietnam Wall Wickham Park

April 19th Revolutionary War begins 1775-fly your flag

May 9th, Chapter Annual Business Meeting, Memorial Service, Beth Sweet history of Quilts

May 16th Armed Forces Day – fly your flag

May 25th Memorial Day Melbourne Parade

June 14th Flag Day

July 4th Melbourne Parade and celebration

August 26th Women’sEquality Day-fly your flag

September 7th Labor Day-fly your flag

September 11th Patriots Day and 9-11 Day of Rememberance-fly your flag

September 24st-27th FSSDAR Fall Forum Orlando

October 12th Columbus Day-fly your flag

October 10th Chapter Meeting TBA

November 3rd Election Day-fly your flag and VOTE

November 11th Veterans Day

November 14th Chapter meeting Bonnie Charles Native American Indian Month

December 7th Pearl Harbor Day-fly your flag

December 12th Chapter Meeting TBA


                                                    2021 Events

January 9th State Regent Kay Yarbrough

February 13 State 2nd Vice Regent Cindy Weatherby Fabulous First Ladies