August 23, 2019

Chapter Chairmen

American Heritage                                                     Beatrice Showman

American Indians                                                       Joy Wagner

Co Chair – Helene Leimbach

Americanism                                                              Adrienne Gent

                                                                                    Co Chair – Tammy Sandberg

                                                                                    Co Chair – Jo Solley-Hansen

CAA                                                                            Tammy Sandberg

Commemorative Events                                             Janine Jordan

Conservation                                                               Gail Gowdy

Constitution Week                                                      Janine Jordan

DAR Genealogy Preservation                                    Teresa Winter

DAR Good Citizen/JAAC/American History                        Joan MacDonald

DAR Museum Outreach                                             Peg Pappelardo

DAR Project Patriot                                                    Sheila Chapman

DAR Schools                                                              Teresa Winter

DAR Service for Veterans                                          Daphne Swatek

Co-Chair Deb Plaag

Fundraising                                                                 Gail Anderson

Genealogical Records                                                 Sherry Yates

Historic Preservation                                                  Peg Pappelardo

Hostess                                                                        Joy Wagner                                        

Co-Chair Evelyn Matthews

                                                                                    Co-Chair Judy Revels

In Service To America                                               Helene Leimbach

Chapter Insignia/Protocol                                           Connie Ross

Junior Membership                                                     Lucy Kohlstedt

                                                                                    Melanie Richardson

Lineage Research Chair                                              Teresa Winter                                    

Lineage Research Vice Chair                                     Sherry Yates

            Lineage Team                                                 Diane Young, Bonnie Zimmer, Becky Klein,

                                                                                    Helene Leimbach, Peg Pappelardo

Literacy Promotion                                                     Connie Ross

Membership                                                                Sherry Yates

                                                                                    Co-Chair Tammy Sandberg

                                                                                    Co-Chair Joy Wagner

National Defense                                                        Co-Chair Sheila Chapman

                                                                                    Co-Chair Teri Chapman

Public Relations/Media                                              Jo Solley-Hansen

Special Projects Grants                                               Michelle Herbeck

The Flag of the United States                                     Dayle Hinman Farrell

                                                                                    Co-Chair Jo Solley-Hansen

Volunteer Genealogists                                              Bonnie Zimmer, Teresa Winter,

                                                                                    Sherry Yates

Volunteer Information Specialist                               Linda White

                                                                                    Co-Chair Jo Solley-Hansen

Women’s Issues                                                          Linda White

                                                                                    Co-Chair Sheila Chapman